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7 Not So Obvious Habits To Maximize Your Social Media Sharing

Want To Be More GURUlike? Good and Bad Habits Determine Our Social Media Marketing Success In Doing So.

I am fan of productivity and optimization of workflows. When it comes to Social Media, there is always a need for fresh new content that is relevant to conversations you want to have or to developing business relationships. If you ask yourself how and where you get your content from and how often you share it, are you really happy with the answer?

Yoda Speaks...

Yoda Speaks… (Photo credit: Raphaellove)

Sure, if you have the budget, you could have someone ghost write all of your content for you. But when that happens, is that really your voice your audience hears? I was faced with that problem myself when sharing on Twitter and Facebook until recently when I started developing new (well not really new, but very good) habits. Below is a habits list that is working well for me and I know it will do the same for you!

Habit One – Capture like your life depends on it!

Whenever you are doing anything anywhere, (which is really like all the time right?) start capturing thoughts, images, sounds and anything else that can help you get your message out there and communicate thoughts clearly. Examples that I love are as follows:

You have a smartphone that is the best thing since sliced bread, start making it really work for you by taking pictures of all the things that catch your attention like ads, people decor, food, sky (you get the idea), all while keeping safety in mind. It could be those snippets in time that inspire you to create that winning content that drives people to your chosen destination.

Also, record your ideas that just pop into your head. There is a reason they showed up that you might be able to make sense of later. In doing so, you can compile those thoughts into something that you could share like an idea, cook book or something. It is really amazing how much we are all capable of if we take the time to notice.

Habit Two – Making lists. Though similar to capturing, but more specific

I know that some who read this will say… “I already have a ton of lists to deal with and I don’t have room for any more.” I completely understand, bear with me a moment and it just might make sense. This one habit is purely social media related; those that use Twitter may have some already, for others this might be new. On Twitter, you can add people to lists that you create based on whatever you want them to be. When you view your list, you only see the content from those who are members. This really comes in handy when you start to gain more than 1000 followers and you really want to focus on a particular conversation subject.

In this case, I am asking you to do something similar for the things you see on the internet that are shared and spark an interest. You can use whatever you like for this; in the simplest of forms you can just bookmark them into a “Good Stuff” folder. On higher levels you can use spreadsheets or page capture tools; this is done so that when you are looking for ideas for your content you can go back to those capture points and fire up those creative furnaces with Social Media Marketing.

Habit Three – Connect to share points

Share points are the services that sites use for commenting. Being able to comment and interact can lead traffic right back to your doorstep, both literally and virtually. Most are pretty simple to sign up for and have great returns, here are a few that can help with your Social Media Marketing Tools:

Disqus – is becoming very popular as there is a community functionality built into the commenting system. Let’s say you left a comment on a site a few days ago and the sire owner responded. When you go to make a new comment on another site, you will see a notification that you have a response waiting and can continue the conversation.

Commentluv – is also very popular as its commenting system is centered around the fact that when you leave a comment there is a check done at your site to tie in your last few blog post titles to your comment. This allows other visitors to see your titles and click through to your site. There are other integrations that could provide links back to your social media profiles as well. It is a great incentive for visitors to comment. It is also what I use here in this site and I love it.

Gravatar – is a must if you would like to establish your face with your content. Once you have signed up and added your picture, any sites that support Gravatar will display your picture with your comments on those sites that support it. The more places you are seen the more you are recognized.

Habit Four – Share Your Thoughts

Make it a habit to share your opinion when you agree with something and also when you don’t agree, just make it relevant to the topic that is your strength. Now I am not saying to go out and pick a fight, it is far too easy in social media these days! What I am suggesting is to comment often and participate in social media. There are millions of possibilities every day for you to do so. Participation in conversations is key to exposure and also having your name show up in search results from your social media conversations from comments on blogs and in responses elsewhere. With just a few nice comments, things explode inside your following.


Judgement (Photo credit: Raphaellove)

Habit Five – Remember Your Connected Audience

The more that you make it part of your regular habits to connect with others inside of social media, the greater potential the content you share can have. For example, if you have 500 followers on Twitter, 500 friends on Facebook and 500 connected to you on Google plus, that would give you a base of 1500. (I realize the math so far is pretty basic ) If each one of those has 100 friends/fans/followers, the numbers jump dramatically to 15000. I currently have ±18000 followers on Twitter alone, which would give me a potential exposure of 1.8 million based only on the math. Keeping that in mind while expanding your network and sharing content that is quality and engaging, while also asking or encouraging those users to comment and share, can go very far in expanding your message and increase your exposure.

Habit Six – Don’t Be Afraid To Share Other Good Content

On the road to finding what you are looking to become with social media, you will come across many things that are great tidbits of info. Never be afraid to share that content with your audience. Social Media has become so loud and so varied that those who share the best consistently are over time thought of as influencers. If your goal is to be heard, expand your reach and be known, this can be huge for doing just that.

Habit Seven – Know Your Scores

As you follow the steps outlined above, you will be able to track the results and effectiveness through monitoring sites like Empire Avenue, Kred and Klout. With those sites you can connect your social media platform and begin to see your involvement and how you are doing with engagement. The scores you will receive are based on how much you share, the quantity and sometimes quality of the engagement for each of the shares that you do.

By improving your habits you can take huge leaps in your connection numbers and audience reach

+Raphael Love


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Raphael Love7 Not So Obvious Habits To Maximize Your Social Media Sharing

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